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My law firm mainly advises clients on the following matters:


Criminal Defence

I am supporting you in any issues concerning criminal law and criminal defence.  My services comprise, among others, your defence against criminal charges or orders in any German court and the safeguarding of your rights during criminal investigations. In German law, you can only get access to your investigation file through a lawyer. You should, in your own interest, never waive that right.
Find out more about criminal defence.


Victims' Rights

As a victim of a crime, you have numerous rights you should never give up. Since people affected by unlawful conduct are often still influenced by what has happened, I will be at your side during this hard time when it comes to making your words and claims heard.
Find out more about victim support.

© Photo: Tim Samoff (Here We Go Again - under CC BY-ND 2.0)
© Photo: Tim Samoff (Here We Go Again - under CC BY-ND 2.0)

Housing Law and Tenancies

Throughout my legal education and professional experience, I have gained comprehensive expertise in the area of housing law, leases, and tenancies, which I am happy to use in your benefit. This comprises, among others, the drafting and assessment of tenancy agreements as well as everyday issues of the German law of leases (for instance, when and how the rent may be raised by law, or if and when a lease may be terminated). Find out more about housing law, leases and tenancies.


Employment Law

There are a number of legal questions that may arise in the course of an employment, both for employers and employees. German employment law has been regulated comprehensively by national and international statutes as well as by judgments of German courts. Given my professional experience and legal expertise, I can assist you with any issues regarding this broad area of law that we are all affected by in various ways. Find out more about employment law.


Inheritance / Estate Planning

It is probably the law of inheritance that can boast the title of the legal area most underestimated, as it regularly leads to conflicts, many of of whom could have been avoided by timeous expert advice. This is valid both for precautions before succession occurs and post-succession disputes. I have completed the legal expert course on inheritance law as prescribed by the German Bar and am qualified to support you in any inheritance issues on a German or international level.
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International Contract Law

It is not only everyday life, but legal relationships as well that are ever more affected by international issues. Mainly, this results in contracts literally going places globally, causing problems of a multi-faceted kind. Through my international experience I can provide you with expert counselling in the field.
Find out more about international contracts.


Private Law and Torts (Delict)

In German law, the term of general private law summarizes typical legal cases that happen every day, including sales contracts or contracts of services of all kind, gifts, loans, and damages. When it comes to claims arising from these matters, I can provide comprehensive legal counselling and support.

Find out more about general private law and torts (delict).

© Photo: Martin Abbeglen (Look right - CC BY-SA 2.0)
© Photo: Martin Abbeglen (Look right - CC BY-SA 2.0)

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need advice and support in a legal matter not listed above. In the exceptional case that my expertise does not cover the knowledge required for your individual inquiry, I will be happy to refer you to a renowned specialist in the relevant field.